Saturday, March 12, 2011

I was Death

The nightmare was much more clear than it ever had been before. I struggled and struggled but the waves pushed me down and down into the darkness. I kept falling and sinking towards the bottom of the river and this time, I truly believed that I would actually drown down there.

It felt real. I mean, all of them had felt real beforehand, but this one was on an entirely new level. The freezing water pushed down my throat and filled my lungs and I felt myself become weighed down. At one point, I could no longer move my legs, and then at another point, I couldn’t move my arms either.

I was at the bottom of everything, and my body was no longer mine. It belonged to the river and to the darkness invading it. I was dying. I was dead. I was Death.

And then I awoke in my bed, and for a moment I thought I was wet from water. Instead, I was simply covered in disgusting sweat.

The lid on the pocketwatch was open, and the hands were frozen at 4:44 in the morning. I closed it, and tried going back to sleep.

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