Monday, February 28, 2011

A New Mythos

I’ve done it. I posted the thread.

It is February 28th, 2011, and late yesterday at 11:41 PM a new mythos was born.

I’m scared, I really am. I’m scared of seeing what people are going to think of this. But I am also so excited. If this takes off, if I’m able to establish a group of some sort… I think I’d be able to die happy.

I just keep dreaming about this as if it’s going to happen. Like anyone’s going to waste their time an-

Oh whoa there’s an Alliterator response hi Alliterator.

Friday, February 25, 2011


I think it’s about time I post this as a thread now. I think it’s truly ready. Especially since, recently, others have been expressing interest in making different creatures too. On the TV Tropes forum, I’ve met two tropers, by the usernames of Alliterator and Lizard Bite. They both have expressed interest in creating their own monsters, and I find that… well, awesome, but also wow what a coincidence!

It would be so cool to work with them, they seem really nice. If this Mythos thing really takes off… I honestly don’t know, man. Chances are, it won’t take off, it’ll just die out. But...

I’m just scared of this going south somehow. I don’t know, like… there can’t be any negative consequences to at least trying it, right? But what if they hate it. What if they despise it. Whatifwhatif

I keep on asking these what if’s. I’m sick of doing that. I need to either do it, or don’t. It’s that simple.

It’s not like this is going to ruin lives or anything. It’s just another dumb project of mine.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Losing My Self

I’m losing myself in this idea now.

I don’t care about school. I don’t care about my family. I don’t care about me.

All I care about is these monsters.

The Elemental System

All of these creatures seem to have common, inherent themes to them… but I want to move away from that. It feels too personal, and I want some way to organize all of them.

I’m thinking of using elements to separate them. The Wooden Girl will be wood, or maybe earth. The Thunderbirds will be lightning. The other creature will be darkness, maybe.

I’m not sure about this classification system yet, but it’ll do.

These are the Elementals, and they draw from their surroundings to control us.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Singularity Stretches Backwards

This last creature… the Manufactured Newborn, is probably the most peculiar of the four. I don’t really get a sense or feeling from it. It was just… something that happened when I began to draw.

It’s bleak and there’s nothing to offer from it. It’s just a monster with a threat that keeps growing and growing. It reminds me of technology’s potential for misuse. It reminds me of wasted potential. It reminds me of waste, of not being good enough, of being empty inside.

While the Wooden Girl seems to be an entity of control, the Manufactured Newborn feels like an entity of losing control. It’s able to hijack machines, to hack into computers, to completely devastate technology. It takes away our ability to manage ourselves, and forces us into chaos.

I can’t really get a sense of what else it represents yet. This one, I’ll have to think on.

Clouds Cover Sky

The Thunderbirds are based on the Native American myth of giant birds that take to the skies during, you guessed it, thunderstorms. These fuckers deviate from the other creatures, in that they are more than one, and yet they’re still a singular creature. That’s hard to explain but yeah.

Honestly, this is the one of the creatures that has the least symbolism attached to it. It is what it is. They are birds that peck the shit out of your eyes, they are birds that swoop down and carry you up to God-knows-where, they are birds that control the weather and can possibly even transform into super cells.

When they swoop down and pull you up into the atmosphere, it’s sort of like falling, in that you have no control over it. You feel the same rampant rush of air, and your heart beats at the same frantic pace. The only difference is, when you’re pulled up into the sky, you never reach solid ground again. When you fall into the sky, you never stop falling.

Or something. Insomnia is taking its toll again. I keep seeing things. The birds look suspicious. Fuck pigeons though. Rats of the sky.

If a Thunderbird heard me insult an avian fellow, he’d probably pounce upon me, clawing at my chest and pecking at my face. And then, as I scream, it would force its head into my mouth and begin to pull apart my tongue. It’ll drill into my mouth with its razor sharp beak, and take apart my head.

They watch from above, and are always, always waiting for the perfect time to strike.