Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I realize I haven’t properly introduced myself to this blog yet, have I? My name is Owen Grey Norris, and two weeks ago I turned 16 years old. My birthday… is Valentines Day.

Yes, I was planning on killing myself on my birthday. I can be a bit overdramatic with things sometimes, I guess. I really can’t believe I wanted to kill myself just over two weeks ago, though. Seriously, what was I thinking? If I had done that… well. I should have just given in completely like I have now.

I know I’ll never be saved. I know nothing will ever change. And because of that, I’m fine with it. I’ve accepted it. I’ll just… I’m here to stay. I hate this town, I hate this house, I hate me, but hey…

I guess I should just enjoy falling now, instead of whining about it.

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