Friday, February 18, 2011


It’s time again.

Every week or so my mother’s mood and mental state changes, from depressive and apathetic and unemotional to excited and angry and… well, it’s hard to describe. She’s hard to describe when she’s like this. This time, she’s in her… “scream at everyone” phase. Mostly my grandmother.

I could feel the tension when I got back home from school. I heard the clinking of a beer bottle and her voice echoing from the kitchen. She was accusing my grandmother of “setting her up” or some crazy shit like that, yet again.

Usually, I’d go and yell at her or something, but I know now that this is never going to end. It’s useless. Yelling never solves anything. So I went upstairs, and did what I usually do when I get home; sleep.

I woke up and she was screaming again, this time at my grandmother’s answering machine.

Please let this end somehow.

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