Monday, February 21, 2011

Figured It Out

That’s it, I’ve figured it out.

It’s the Slender Man. Now, please bear with me and don’t reach for those pitchforks just yet, but he’s the problem; at least, in my opinion he is.

Ehhhh, well… not in that he’s causing. More as in how he’s being used, or his mythos is being used? Well. Um. OKAY LOOK IT’S A BUNCH OFTHINGS.

1) The Slender Man Mythos is held to a strict canon. Or at least, the Mythos has become like that. The blogverse that sprung up around the Slender Man was awesome at first, but now it’s slowly adhering to itself in an unhealthy fashion. It isn’t allowing itself to grow.

2) The Slender Man does not cover enough ground. Of course, your mileage may vary, but I am personally growing a bit bored with him after a month of analyzing him.

3) The fucking drama. I am not going to go into that but goddamn I never thought so many college kids could act so immature.

4) There are many different types of horror in the world, and Slender Man(as he is commonly used) only takes advantage of one type. All of these other creepypasta creatures out there, such as the Rake, take advantage of other types too, so why aren’t they being used? Why aren’t Mythoi being developed around them? Or… something. Look I am tired as balls right now please don’t question my sanity or this list.

5) Why can’t Slendy have friends?

6) Okay you may question my sanity that is allowed now that is a thing.

7) Honestly, I wish the Slender Man Mythos would expand upon… well, Mr. Slender Man. There is an entire creepypasta community out there, and they’re focusing on one entity, when they can be developing their own.

8) I want to see people use their own personal fears to develop their own personal demons.

9) This has been a list brought to you by insomnia.

10) The end. Good night (hopefully).

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