Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I called my grandmother today to beg her to get please, please, please get us out of this hellhole. And of course, she said what she always says; the same old goddamn excuses. Of course, they mean nothing. Of course, she doesn’t plan on actually doing anything. Ofgoddamncourse.

She’s too scared to do anything against my mother, as always. She gives Rachel money and pays our house and buys us groceries and yet does nothing about our biggest problem: mom’s insanity.

She’s not the only one who has abandoned us, but fuck, I thought I could count on her, out of all people. She was the last link to what I could consider “caring.”

Everyone leaves in the end. My father was smart that’s why he left early on.

Who would ever want to deal with this situation? Who would ever want to stay here with me anyways?

Everyone leaves for a reason. That reason is me.

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