Friday, February 25, 2011


I think it’s about time I post this as a thread now. I think it’s truly ready. Especially since, recently, others have been expressing interest in making different creatures too. On the TV Tropes forum, I’ve met two tropers, by the usernames of Alliterator and Lizard Bite. They both have expressed interest in creating their own monsters, and I find that… well, awesome, but also wow what a coincidence!

It would be so cool to work with them, they seem really nice. If this Mythos thing really takes off… I honestly don’t know, man. Chances are, it won’t take off, it’ll just die out. But...

I’m just scared of this going south somehow. I don’t know, like… there can’t be any negative consequences to at least trying it, right? But what if they hate it. What if they despise it. Whatifwhatif

I keep on asking these what if’s. I’m sick of doing that. I need to either do it, or don’t. It’s that simple.

It’s not like this is going to ruin lives or anything. It’s just another dumb project of mine.

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