Thursday, April 7, 2011

20 Minutes

I woke up beside the River. I was soaking wet, and my throat mysteriously hurt as if it was burnt or something. I didn't realize circumstances until I pushed my hair out of my eyes and noticed how wild and rapid the River seemed.

Grey took the wheel again. Goddammit.

It was like a dream again. Last time, I somehow knew the path out of Grey. This time, I also seemed to just... know. Or at least, my feet did. They led me to some strange tree, that was somehow alive and full of autumn leaves. I pressed my right hand against the bark.

My hand was holding a steak knife. It is pressed against my forearm, prepared to slash my wrists open. I dropped the knife as control returned to me. I sighed in relief.

And noticed that for some goddamn reason I'm on the top of my roof, on the backyard's side. I shook in fright; if there's one thing that scared me more than Grey, it was heights. I takes me about 20 minutes to crawl off the roof onto the backyard's sloped second story chicken coop roof thingy and then I climbed through the bathroom window.

So first it was my mother. He couldn't have her. So now he just wants to end this as soon as possible. I guess he's finished with me. Sorta kinda depressing.

Whatever. Whatever happens happens. Fuck it. I bet I'll lose consciousness again soon.

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