Saturday, April 2, 2011


My mother had one of her delusions again today. She drove us all to Suffolk, which is basically upper-class suburbia. She drove us into a developing neighborhood, one of those places recently built and yet looks extremely nice, despite every house looking like the one next to it.

A lot of the houses had "For Sale" signs in front of them. She parked in front of many of the houses, surveying them. The entire time, she was going on and on with her crazy bullshit. I wasn't listening. I was listening to music, and attempting to ignore her. I didn't want to argue. Not at that moment.

But then she took my sister out of the car and showed her around one house, while telling her the entire time that she would be able to live there soon. That she would win the lottery, and pay for all of us. For college. For a house. For everything. My brothers just quietly accepted her madness, and my little sister innocently listened to her mad rambling.

She was waving all of this in our faces, and telling us that she'd somehow win the lottery and provide all of this for us. It... frankly, it pissed me off, but I couldn't salvage the strength to get up and do anything about it. But then she dragged me out of the car and made me look and I. I lost my temper and I screamed in the center of the street and these people came out of the house and it all became a blur.

And then he took over. Grey took over on the drive back. I don't know what he said. But I came to when we pulled up into the driveway and for some reason I was in the front seat and she punched me and I hit the window and my head hurts so badly.

Why am I fighting Grey again.

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