Monday, April 4, 2011

Death Awaits Throne II

It's so weird to look at what the Mythos is becoming now, compared to what's been happening to me. I want to ask somebody for help. Visitor, Djay, Lizard, Alli... anyone. But at the same time, I don't want to pull anyone into this.

I have some sort of mental illness. Or maybe I'm possessed by some sort of fucking demon. Or maybe it's the Dying Man. I don't really know anymore. Or care.

All I know, my mind is decaying. I'm becoming less and less every night. Soon, there won't be anymore of my self. I'm dying. I really am.

I don't have the energy to continue fighting him anymore.

What do I even do about this. Do I try to contact social services once again? They didn't listen about my mother, why would they listen to me about this. Do I try to go to the doctor's? Too fucking bad, no health insurance. Where do I go. Who do I go to.

I'm on the outside of society in a decaying house, alone with a dying family, and bonded to Death himself. 

I think I'm fighting the Dying Man. I think he's real and he's pissed off.

What have I done? 

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