Friday, April 8, 2011

30 Minutes

I wasn't within the River's realm anymore. I was far beyond it. Deeper than ever before, it seemed. It seemed like, in my sleep, I had drowned in the River, and now this was what was behind the veil.

I felt cold. And so distant. As if my thoughts and my body were desperate. I could "feel", in an abstract way. But for all intents and purposes, I was split off from my very self. I was the reflection in the mirror this time. I was in Grey's place.

I didn't even feel sad or anything about it. I accepted my fate. There wasn't anything I could do, nothing to stop it. I was alone now.

I felt lonely after an eternity of it. Nothing existed except the loneliness.

It's all pushed away as soon as I see Grey. It's a reflection as well. He's looking down upon me, from some ledge above. We switch perspective. I'm looking down at him. It's a reflection.

I'm looking down into my reflection. Grey is gone. I'm at the creek, around the place I picked the pocket watch up at. Why am I at the creek?

Go home. Get rest. Sleep. No. No sleep? No sleep. Got a text. I have a text. Texts are cool. Oh hey, it's Steven. Pills? Pills for breakfast yes.

The morning sun rises above me.

I still exist, apparently. 

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